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Datum: July 5 & 6 - 2013

Adres: Studio De L'Ermitage

          8 rue de l'ermitage

          75020 París


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On Saturday August 18 we are at the Dias Latinos festival, we will be playing the best of our repertoire.

More information about the program visit the following links.


Festival Dias Latinos 18 de agosto

Dias Latinos/line-up/Barrio-Nuevo





Mi Voz Para Los Rumberos(Francisco Peña)

Las Quejas (Francisco "Pacho" Peña)

This time I would like to offer the Salsa Dura fanatics two tracks to download for free at:

Goza Rumbero Bueno

This recording was made possible by the involvement and talents of musicians such as:

Francisco Peña: Trumpet 1
Heiko Ebner: Trumpet 2
Matthias Konrad, Ramón Penzo: Trombone
José Perez: Bariton Sax
Albert Ramos: Bass
Barbara Rana: Piano
Tycho Burgerhoff: Congas
J.C “Bulú” Viloria: Bongo and Campana
Marco Toro Bernal: Timbal and Percusión Menor
Eduardo Alfonso: Vocal
Ramon Penzo, Francisco Peña: Coros
Phootografy: Melanie Tenhagen
Arranged by: Francisco Peña Y Otto Palma





Rhythmes like Currulao, porro and aguabajo coming from the Colombian Pacific to meet the urban roots.






Recorded in Santiago de Cali at Takeshima Studios

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´Africa never leaves the black man in peace, whatever his nationality will be, wherever the place he will come from or wherever he will go to.´(Jacques Stephen Alexis - Haiti)

Black music has passed down a long and winding road, beginning its long journey in the far away mother continent, Africa. Sewing then its seeds in America, having to adapt its instruments and sounds from whatever nature would give at that moment. Always preserving basically the same rhythmic structure and singing style learned in the homeland. With the passage of time, black music has been chased and forced into a strange mix with songs coming from Spain, and through contact with the indigenous music of each region, making it richer and placing it as an important part of each culture. But even so, in our times and always, the music will continue -and I hope so- merging in fusion, giving every time amazing results and finding that deep inside we are all one.

"Origen"does not pretend to be anything more than a tribute to our roots, to our ancestors, to all those whom I consider "The Kings of Folklore". Through the years they have been leaving the results which today is the foundation of our culture. We must recognize that we are the continuation of a path already started long ago, a moving process.


Some years have passed since I had the idea of mixing the music of the Colombian Pacific. During this long period I have been able to meet people and cultures that have extended my perspective as a musician and composer. Of all these experiences FP Barrio Nuevo is born, and its first production titled "Origen". A work of almost two years, time that was necessary to find musicians and friends who gave me a hand and encouraged me to go on.

In addition, I would like to dedicate this work to my parents, Francisco and Catalina. They have been my pillar and light to be what I am and how I am, and to hold on to my ideals. To my sisters Edith, Janeth, Vicky and Martha. I know I can always count on you. To Karen and Dana - my little ones. Despite the time and distance you're always with me. And to my Mélanie, who gives me advice and offers her unconditional support. She had to listen to me hours and hours talking about music, remaining by my side in my moments of inspiration and go to sleep without see me going to bed. Besides, I thank my cousin Otto Palma Peña and all the musicians that participated in this recording, without your support everything would have been more difficult.



By Roberto Carlos Luján

Wherever a Latin-American persoon goes there’s hit, enjoy…and music in general, this is what many of our continental fellows confirm and specially the fellow country ones, who have inmigrated to Europe to make their path in the difficult musical job.

Francisco Peña is a trumpeter, composer, arranger, producer and leader who is remembered for his experience in salsa music with his orchestra “La Fuga” in Cali in 1992. After almost fifteen years, we rediscovered him with an independent production, this time included in the development of his work in the world of the music of the Colombian Pacific. “Origen”is the titled of Francisco Peña’s first record, who lives in Holland, with his group “FP Barrio Nuevo” launched to the record market in 2006. This Colombian musician has gotten many of his colleagues from different countries and specially Latin American people spread in the European continent to get together, the same who in that endless dispersion continue arriving in search of the best personal well-being whith expects an increasing social movement every sense.

The record “Origen”contains 12 tracks in which are warmed traditiona pieces and previously unknown role-plays, the colloquial lyrics that are welcomed in the pacific coast that expresses the inhabitants cultural customs, their lifestyle, what they think, their daily, their happy attitude against adversity which through the history has become in a way to resist hardness and abandon of the govemment to this Colombian region.

The piece “Lissette” is pointed out for its instrumental nature and fot the presence of the steelpan played by Roland Lyon, intrument coming from the lover Antilleans that produces a gentle sound, something similar to the Aafrican xilophone. We must mention separately the pieces “A Los Reyes Del Folklor”and “La Herencia”. In the first, the masters who founded the path through many young have been working the exponential musical work. And the second refer to the salvery process suffered by the African native people and their forced inmigration movement to the new world with everything it implies, it means, their culture with which they traveled and with the subsequent inheritance left.

Francisco Peña offers an updating in terms of music in this record, because in the native instruments used in this kind of music are included instruments like the keyboard ones, the drums, the electric bass and electric guitar which strengthens the sound enrichment of this ancient music, at the same time giving a major international projection, As many more miscellaneous percussion instruments, which benefit the character even more ethnic of this Colombian music conceived in the old world.

As a present for whom get this record, Francisco Peña has included “La Porteñita”, bonus track, which he record in Cali several yeras ago in which also participate veteran percussionists like Wilson Viveros and Freddie Colorado, with them was the percssionist And singer Carlos Alberto Cajares, an old friend of the neighborhood “El Poblado” in Cali.